Integrate with 

Google Meet / Hangouts

Direct Integration with Google Meetings

What does Google Meet integration does?

Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. It is one of two apps that constitute the replacement for Google Hangouts, the other being Google Chat.

Meetaide allows you to generate Google Meet link automatically whenever a meeting is booked by your client or prospect. This is automatically shared with client or prospect via email.

Best part is, all the meetings are synced two way synced with your Google Calendar

Setup your integration

  1. Login to your Meetaide account (
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Select Google Calendar option
  4. Click Connect Google and authorize Meetaide to connect with your Google account
  5. Enable Hangout Meeting Toggle button to activate your Google Meet in your Meetaide account

Enable Two way Sync with Google Calendar

  1. Enable Sync option to enable two way sync with Google Calendar


Any assistance required in setting up your Google Meet with your Meetaide account, drop an email to, we will assist you.