Unlimited Event Types (for All Plans)

15/30/60 or Custom Timing

Your meetings can be prospecting or walkthrough or even detailed demo, configure your meetings and share

Master / Independant sharable links

Share just the prospecting meeting link or master link and let prospect or client what she wants.

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Teams / Groups

Round Robin Lead Assignemnt

Having more than 2 persons in a team?
Meetaide will evenly distribute the leads among the executives.

Collective Assignement

Finding common slots between executives may be tough, Meetaide will help you to automatically find common slots between all executives.

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Calendar like Dashboard

Calendar in Meetaide

We are used to Professional Calendars, Meetaide gives same experience in application

View Team's calendar

As a Sales Manager, you will be able to measure and monitor your sales team weekly and monthly meetings

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Automatic Timezone management

Do you have clients and Prospects across globe? Struggling with time zone conversions to fix appointment?

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